DYNAMITE is mainly developed at the University of Vienna.

Our members are organised into a development team (who are currently involved in coding) and a collaboration team (who are involved in a number of related projects, both scientific and computational). With this distinction, we want to accelerate progress amongst the development team whilst keeping the wider team informed when we reach significant milestones. As we progress, movement between the teams - as well as addition of new members to both - is highly likely.

Development team

The development team are those currently involved in coding for DYNAMITE:

  • Edward Lilley (, postdoc at Uni Wien. His interests are in theoretical and numerical aspects of extra-galactic physics, recently focusing on modelling the gravitational potentials of distant galaxies and on methods of photometric deprojection.

  • Alice Zocchi (, postdoc at Uni Wien. Research interests: internal dynamics of star clusters, formation and evolution of globular clusters, black holes in stellar systems.

  • Prashin Jethwa (, postdoc at Uni Wien, co-ordinating and coding for DYNAMITE. Research interests: galaxy structure and dynamics, dark matter, satellite and dwarf galaxies, probabilistic programming.

  • Sabine Thater (, postdoc at Uni Wien working on the development of DYNAMITE. In her research, she applies the axisymmetric and the triaxial Schwarzschild code to centres of galaxies.

  • Thomas Maindl (,, scientific computing expert. Active contributor and adviser on DYNAMITE software architecture, class structure, coding, and building the code.

  • Glenn van de Ven (, one of the authors of the original triaxial Schwarzschild code that DYNAMITE is based upon.

Collaboration team

These members are involved in projects related to DYNAMITE, both scientific and computational.

  • Christine Ackerl

  • Francisco Aros

  • Alina Boecker

  • Mark den Brok

  • Yuchen Ding

  • Katja Fahrion

  • Jesus Falcon Barroso

  • Yunpeng Jin

  • Sebastian Kamann

  • Ryan Leamann

  • Mariya Lyubenova

  • Marie Martig

  • Alireza Molaeinezhad

  • Adriano Poci

  • Eszter Pozna

  • Michela Rubino

  • Giulia Santucci

  • Gauri Sharma

  • Léah Skusa

  • Behzad Tahmasebzade

  • Eugene Vasiliev

  • Tadeja Versic

  • Jonelle Walsh

  • Laura Watkins

  • Meng Yang

  • Ling Zhu